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Scholarship Awards

Marion Alumni 2014 Scholarship Awards 

Marion Alumni - 2013 Scholarship Awards

Take a look at where our Alumni monies are going.  We are giving back to our community and thanks to all who are supporting this endeavor.  Our young people need our help if they are to succeed. Congratulations to all of these young people who have worked so hard.  We applaud you!

 Marion Alumni 2012 Schalorship Awards

Pictured are: L-R - James Washington-Treasurer; Tassie Lewis-Recipient’s Mother; Nyeshia Grant-Scholarship Recipient; Joseph Harrison-Past Chairperson; Willie Rayford-Secretary/ Scholarship Committee Member; Harold Crawford-Vice Chairperson/ Scholarship Committee Member; Harry Scott-Scholarship Committee Member.  Not pictured: Quizella Lowe-Assistant Secretary/ Scholarship Committee Member; Vivian Rogers-Chairperson/ Scholarship Committee Member.


The Marion Alumni Committee presents a $500 Scholarship to Ms. Nyeshia S. Grant, daughter of Mrs. Tassie Lewis. Ms. Grant will attend Francis Marion University in the fall to pursue a degree in Nursing. Ms. Grant is a 2012 graduate of Marion High School. She is the only student that applied for a scholarship this year.

The Marion Alumni Committee awards a graduate of Marion High School a scholarship of a minimum award of $500.00 from the proceeds of the Marion Alumni Committee.

The award is made for one year's study only and is not renewable. The award may be used in any post-secondary course of study and will be made to the post-secondary school, college or university of the awardee's choice.

Eligible seniors may apply for the scholarship through the Marion High School Guidance Office using the application form provided. Applications must be returned to the Marion Alumni Committee. All applications will be reviewed by the Marion Alumni Scholarship Committee.

Last year four students applied, all applicants' essays were very impressive, so the committee awarded $400.00 scholarships to each student.

The Committee is planning several fundraising activities this year in hopes of improving our scholarship funds.

Special thanks to all of the Alumni for enabling this effort.




Marion Alumni 2011 Scholarship Winner - Kayla Perkins

Not all young folk today has that ungrateful, non-caring attitude. Some were raised by young parents that still teach wholesome values such as to say thanks in appreciation of any gift received, without regards to the size. Kayla is one of four 2011 Marion Alumni Scholarship recipients.

 A special thanks to all of you for making the scholarships possible so these young people can reach out and grasp their goals.